︎︎︎Abduzeedo: Motion Monday
︎︎︎Creative Coding Festival
︎︎︎ TYPE01:Issue 02
︎︎︎ Abduzeedo: POEMS


︎︎︎Converse, Vice, Aesop, Youngminds, Range Left Studio, amongst others.

I am Designer and Creative Coder currently based in London. I work with traditional and modern mediums, often combining the two in order to explore new territories within the graphics realm. Specialising in type, motion, branding and creative coding, I continuously seek and experiment on what could be the future for the design industry. Conceptual with my approach, I like to create design that evoke emotions and feelings; Something we can all resonate with.

Contact me for enquiries, freelance work, collaborations or just for a small talk to get to know me better.